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German quality work in paramotors:

The Biboxter is the first and only engine that was developed, tested and certified in Germany solely for the application as a paramotor.
The development took several years. A completely new construction was needed to design a future-oriented and modern paramotor, no provisional modification of an existing system. The complete production process takes place in Germany, thus guaranteeing the best possible quality.

Characteristics of the Biboxter:

  • Exellent power in proportion to weight of the engine, by means of a strong-torque, high-quality two-cylinder, two-stroke boxer engine with an optimum mass balancing, quiet, fitted in a light aluminium construction.

  • Easy to start manually even in mid-air, by means of a patented automatic decompression system and a high-performance ignition system (ESS), thus no need for an e-starter. Media-Video   QuickTime-Movie

  • The Biboxter is very quiet due to a high power reserve and low rpm, which is agreeable for both pilots and residents.

  • Full-speed endurance, low fuel consumption due to excellent cooling of the engine via forced air and low number of revolutions (rpm).

  • Big 16,5 l fuel tank as a standard fitting leading to a long range.

  • Modern u-shaped side-bars (UFL) for best possible pendulum stability, low pilot-mounting and active steering via shifting of weight.

  • Very low centre of gravity, ergonomic back-rest on comfort harness to secure the least possible transfer of torque on the paraglider.

  • Comfort harness easy to take apart, no tools needed, e.g. for transport in a car, no loss of fuel if the engine is lying on its side during transport.

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 Technical specification of paramotor Biboxter:

Engine:                     Biboxter 282 CI, two-cylinder, two-stroke opposed engine,
                                 ( boxer engine ) developed for paramotoring, "Made in Germany"

Bore x Stroke:        66,2 x 41 mm

Displacement:        282 ccm

Speed range:          1950 - 5800 rpm

Crankshaft:             Forget crankshaft, 4 Ball bearings

Connecting rod:     Needle bearings on both ends

Cylinder:                  Aluminium with Nicasil coating

Cooling:                    Forced air

CHT:                          Cylinder head temperature max. 200 °C 

Carburetor:             Membran, 2 x 22er Venturi

Ignition:                   High performance CDI for easy start RPM

Generator:              Yes, 80 W

Exhaustsystem:     Tuned exhaustsystem, stainless steel 

Torque:                    27 Nm (7000rpm) => 19,8 Kw

Max. Power:            up to 22 KW (depending on the exhaust system) 

Reduction:                Poly-V, speed ratio 1:2,33

Propeller:                  CFK/GFK, developed for Biboxter 122,5 cm

Cage:                          Aluminium, 3-part or 6-part                            

Fuel:                            Mix 1:50, Castrol RS 2T with unleaded ( 95 ROZ )

Fueltank capacity:   16,5 litre ( LONG RANGE )

Consumption:           from 3 litre/hour by 3900 RPM at msl

Certification:             DULV  TCDS 667-07

Empty weight:           from 24 kg (without harness) 



Fuel injection system, Primer, Tachometer, 12V socket

electric heated gloves, 6-part cagetransport bags.




The Biboxter is easy to transport even in a small car e.g. VW Polo, picture below:

The Biboxter Buggy "B3", picture below:

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